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Convenient Speech Therapy services from the comfort of your home, school, & online.


Super Speech Solutions is a mobile concierge private practice that provides in person speech therapy services in the home and school for Houstonians, and online speech therapy for residents of Texas and Indiana. We specialize in working with children who are 1.5-12 years old.



Screenings can be conducted in schools to determine if there are speech or language deficits.  Each screening lasts about 15-20 minutes. The results of the screening will determine if a full evaluation is needed.


Evaluations are conducted to assess your child’s speech and or language needs.  The preliminary results of the evaluation are discussed at the conclusion of the session.  A copy of the evaluation report is provided at the next session.


Therapy sessions are tailored to addressing your child’s unique speech and or language needs.  Sessions range from 30-45 minutes and are provided in home, online, or school. They are conducted 1-2 times/week. 

The more we play, the more you'll say.

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Meera Raval (Deters) is the owner of Super Speech Solutions, a mobile concierge private practice that provides in home, school, and online Speech Therapy to Houstonians, Texans, and Indiana residents. She received her Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from Our Lady of the Lake University in 2006. Meera has worked in a variety of settings over the past sixteen years. Meera specializes in child language.


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"I appreciate how Meera communicates with my son like he's an equal. She doesn't make him feel like a child. He is more engaged by this approachOur son's confidence has grown, and he speaks his mind a lot! But it's been great for him to put into words what he struggles with living AE! His doctors are astounded.  When our son speaks, we don't have to ask him to repeat himself as much. He speaks more confidently."

-Parent of Client



Contact us by e-mail, phone, or contact form. During the initial consult, we'll learn more about your child and decide whether or not an evaluation is warranted.


Schedule an evaluation. During the evaluation, we'll assess your child's communication skills and make recommendations on whether or not your child needs therapy.


 Begin therapy sessions. Our speech therapy services are 

individualized, 1:1, play- based, and done from the comfort of your home, school, or online.


Super Speech Solutions is a private pay private practice, which means that we are out of network with all insurance companies. We're happy to provide you with a Superbill to see if they will reimburse the cost of Speech Therapy services.

To learn more about pricing click here.

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